JUNE 14th - 16th, 2018

Denver Mart -- 451 East 58th Avenue -- Denver, Colorado 80216

Need to get rid of old workbooks and textbooks to make room for a new year? Sign up to have your items sold at the Used Curriculum Sale – you register the items and drop them off, and we take care of the rest. We even mail your check. It’s easy! (Deadline to submit items for resale is Tuesday, June 12th.) *** PLEASE READ ALL ***


  • You can now import items from your account from last year. Look for the Copy Items buttons on the Add Items menu!
  • Minimum price is $0.25.
  • We will be doing Saturday pricing again. See more on the WEBSITE.


  • 1st time Seller receives 50%!
  • 1st time repeat Seller receives 55%!
  • 2nd time repeat Seller receives 60%! (and any year after that)


  • Attach your label securely to the FRONT-TOP-RIGHT-CORNER of your item. See the FAQ PAGE for more information.
  • Pack items by SUBJECT when possible. This will make the process of putting items on the tables for selling more efficient and timely.
  • Pack your materials in disposable containers such as cardboard boxes. We cannot be responsible for returning any containers to their owners.


  • Watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL to show you start to finish the seller’s process.
  • Contact the friendly UCS staff at usedcurriclumsale@chec.org with any questions.


  • UCS registration will only be available through the automated barcoding system. No handwritten labels will be accepted. Barcoding is done online and will automatically print your labels and master sheet.
  • Upon registration, you must agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE. Since it is impossible for CHEC to preview every item submitted to the UCS, please review your materials and do not include items that may be offensive to our primarily Christian attendees.
  • The online barcoding system will be closed to any additions or modifications to your account on Tuesday, June 12th in preparation for the sale. See full SCHEDULE here. Please plan your preparations for the UCS accordingly. Also, all sellers must bring in a hard copy of their master sheet when they come to drop off their books, or their items will NOT be accepted.
  • If this is your first time accessing the site for the year, choose to create a new account. Otherwise, login to modify your used curriculum material information.
  • You will need to create a new account, even if you used this system last year. Accounts are not held over from year to year. But you do have the option to reload items from your account from last year.
  • Bound copied material will not be accepted unless the original copy-write information is provided on each item.
  • While this is a "used" book fair, and each buyer is responsible for their own purchases, please be considerate with your sales items. If more than a few pages are used in a workbook, please do not try to sell it. If you know that your items need consumables and they are not included with your item, please make that notation.
  • Items that come in a set MUST all have the SAME label (that means you will have to print multiple of that label) and bound together. See our FAQ PAGE for more information, watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL, or contact usedcurriculumsale@chec.org. You will need to check in at the UCS Kiosk, to the left, inside the Main Entrance. We will have dollies and volunteers to assist you. You will need to be with a UCS volunteer at all times during check-in and pick-up. Tax is charged at the UCS. DO NOT add tax to your item, but be aware that tax is charged when pricing your items.