Reformation Church, 489 Rocky Cliff Circle, Elizabeth, CO 80107

There's lots of new information, so...*** PLEASE READ ALL ***


  • All Sellers will be receiving 60% commission, which is great for new sellers.
  • Additional 5% for volunteering to work (minimum of 4 hours) with the UCS


  • Attach your label securely to the FRONT-TOP-RIGHT-CORNER of your item. See the FAQ PAGE for more information.
  • Pack items by SUBJECT. This will make the process of putting items on the tables for selling more efficient and timely.
  • Pack your materials in disposable containers preferably cardboard boxes that can be used for set-up. We cannot be responsible for returning any containers to their owners.


  • UCS registration will only be available through the automated barcoding system. No handwritten labels will be accepted. Barcoding is done online and will automatically print your labels and master sheet.
  • Upon registration, you must agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE. Since it is impossible for CHEC to preview every item submitted to the UCS, please review your materials and do not include items that may be offensive to our primarily Christian attendees.
  • The online barcoding system will be closed to any additions or modifications to your account on Tuesday, August 11th at midnight in preparation for the sale. See full SCHEDULE here. Please plan your preparations for the UCS accordingly. Also, all sellers must bring in a hard copy of their master sheet when they come to drop off their books.
  • You will need to create a new account, even if you used this system last year. Accounts are not held over from year to year, however we do have records of your past selling and so your commission percentages will be calculated manually at book drop-off.
  • Bound copied material will not be accepted unless the original copy-write information is provided on each item.
  • Items that come in a set MUST all have the SAME label (that means you will have to print multiples of that label, please make sure that the numbers match) and bound together. See our FAQ PAGE for more information or contact usedcurriculumsale@chec.org. Drop off will be at the main doors of the church. Further details will be sent out prior to the sale.